Every Story is ‘Far Worse Than Watergate,’ Per Carl Bernstein

Carl Bernstein is a legendary journalist. Bernstein and Bob Woodward should long be celebrated for their reporting on the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post. However, it’s rather odd how Bernstein reminds the country of his award-winning work these days.

Sunday, Bernstein reacted to a leaked phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over the state’s election results.

“It’s not déjà vu. This was something far worse than occurred in Watergate,” Bernstein said on CNN. “We have both a criminal president of the United States in Donald Trump and a subversive president of the United States at the same time with this one person, subverting the very basis of our democracy and willing to act criminally in that subversion.”

“Far worse than Watergate,” he claims, a scandal which ultimately led to Richard Nixon’s resignation. Wow, powerful. It must take something monumental to warrant such a comparison.

Actually, not if it’s coming from the co-author of the Washington Post’s Watergate coverage. Here are other stories that Carl Bernstein says are “worse than Watergate”:

Oddly, each time Bernstein makes this bogus comparison, he undermines the significance of the story that made him famous.

At this rate, we should expect Carl Bernstein to declare Hunter Biden’s laptop, Andrew Cuomo’s handling of COVID-19, and Big Tech suppression “far worse than Watergate.”

Wait, that wouldn’t fit at CNN or the Washington Post’s list of prominent former reporters. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Watergate was Nixon sending a couple of idiots to break into the DNC to see what they were up to. Imagine what Bernstein would say if the current administration used the surveillance state to monitor a current candidate under the ruse they were colluding with a foreign government only to come up empty. Then faking evidence to launch a three year investigation only to come up empty once again. I’m sure Bernstein would think that’s worse than Watergate.

    • No, no, no. That’s a fake scandal according to Obama and CNN. Nothing to see here, except for Russian collusion! TREASON!

      Except of course when the vice president’s son does exactly what the Democrats accused Trump of, but there is actual evidence of it.

  2. Bernstein didn’t have any problem with a sitting administration spying on and concocting a Russian hoax, using the federal court system, to target a rival candidate. No problem with the Democrats in the House impeaching a POTUS over some bullsh** its own latest Presidential candidate actually did, regarding coercion of foreign government. No problem with weaponizing and politicizing a pandemic to undermine a federal election and pull off a coup that could damage this nation forever. “Nothing to see here,” Carl sez. Same with Benghazi, cash to Iran, Fast ‘n’ Furious and on and on, scandals galore by administrations Bernstein favors rather than opposes.

    He and Woodward have become pathetic, partisan old crones. They make it pretty clear to me that if Nixon had been a Democrat or a schmoozing, socializing buddy of Ben Bradlee (like JFK), Watergate never would have been covered. Real shame they inspired a couple generations of journalist hacks who are just as biased as they are.

  3. Nixon in my mind, given the situation he was in…was probably a top tier level president. But was also highly flawed.

    If you ever listen to some of his taped conversations…you could tell he knew what was going on in society.

  4. I despair, in that I am so old, I have found my primary Outkick refuge amongst a group. Dudes so old, we understand what Watergate was. This is one of the most intelligent commentary threads re: politics I’ve read, probably because it’s not current events and involves people that… I dunno, read stuff.

    Highly flawed… A Republican imposing wage and price controls… but in today’s world he’d be a borderline Libertarian.

    The media mantra is to defer to position, not fact or thoroughness. Walter Duranty, as a horrible example. With no foundation other than anecdotes, I feel like this is left over from the British class “system.” In the revolutionary days of the press (not just starting at the the US War of Independence) there was more honesty in some publishers. Many were versions of paid propaganda, but there were some that were just out to burn down actual injustice (not the injustice of someone forgetting your Popeye’s order was supposed to be spicy…mmmm). At some point, it became more important to be “respected” and invited to the right parties (be in the King’s blessing) than it became to expose Teapot Dome, etc. I don’t doubt that “keep the King happy” was a great way to stay alive through the ages, but now it’s “keep society happy to keep yourself happy.”

    The left’s irrevocable instinct is to defer to those who have taken down any conservatives, and venerate them, no matter their lunacy. The illogical left has expanded, and now has Twitter and FB, and media narratives from on high from CNN where all the news will toe the line and tell the story the same way…

    Does anyone remember this hack objecting when James Rosen was monitored at FoxNews? Bah.

  5. But it’s not a scandal to tell voters to vote a certain way if they want $2k extra in their pocket. 🤪
    Yes, it’s going to take a senile old man talking off-script to reveal the true Dem strategy for the past 90 years- vote buying.

  6. Like most leftists, for Bernstein the ends justify the means. Somehow he missed the numerous stories documenting vote fraud or the running four-year coup attempt by the left. This country is in serious trouble.

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