St. Louis Cardinals Studio Host Makes Brutal Suicide Joke After Team’s Slow Start To The Season

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The St. Louis Cardinals fell to the San Fransico Giants on Thursday for what was their fifth loss in their last six games. With the team sitting at 9-16 on the year and struggling to find wins, studio host Al Hrabosky decided to react to the team’s slow start by joking about suicide.

During the postgame show on Wednesday night, Hrabosky offered up a “suggestion” for St. Louis’ broadcast team which was to change their hotel room to the bottom floor because they “might jump” if they’re staying on a higher floor.

The co-host handled the horrendous, unfunny joke in stride, but you could tell she was definitely annoyed by Hrabosky’s remarks.

Nothing like a 73-year-old dude making suicide jokes on television because the team he’s paid to talk about has lost 16 of their first 25 games. Hrabosky spent 12 years in the big leagues and should know better than anyone that the MLB season is a long, long road.

He’s also a human living in the year 2023 and not working in a comedy club, maybe don’t talk about suicide when you’re supposed to be talking about baseball games in the month of April.

There is certainly more than enough time for the Cardinals to turn things around this season. While they’re currently last in the NL Central standings, a lot can happen over the next 137 regular season games.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling or messaging 988.

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