Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright Hilariously Cut Off While Commenting on Pitch Clock

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The new MLB pitch clock is keeping players on and off the field on their toes. The pitch clock, MLB’s latest add-on to improve the cadence of games, has had a questionable debut since spring training began on Friday.

Pitchers appear to be getting in the rhythm of the pitch clock, but hitters are feeling the heat of being properly at-bat to avoid an inadvertent strike.


In defense of the new timer, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright joined ESPN to discuss its rollout, only for his guest appearance to get cut short due to the game’s new tempo.

“It’s quick,” Wainwright said, commenting in the middle of a matchup against the New York Mets. “And I don’t mean once the at-bat started ’cause I like working quick anyways. So that hasn’t bothered me at all. The thing that caught me off guard was between innings and between batters.”

Once the second inning came to a wrap, ESPN cameras told Wainwright to finish up his segment.


Wainwright was a good sport over the rush. He shared his belief in always being prompt and prepared, whether on the mound or on TV.

“Got it, got it,” Wainright said as the segment wrapped ahead of the commercial break. “I like to take my time between batters and going out there so I can get my mind and body in the right place to succeed, but now, man, you got to be ready to play right away.” Be careful what you wish for.

Former Mets center fielder Lenny Dykstra joined Curt Schilling on “The Curt Schilling Baseball Show.” The two discussed the effects of a pitch clock on hitters and pitchers.

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