Candace Owens Calls It ‘B*tch Move’ For Steven Crowder To Gripe About $50M Daily Wire Offer

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Daily Wire host Candace Owens responded to podcaster Steven Crowder’s claim that her company offered him a “slave contract.

Earlier this week, Crowder railed against an unnamed conservative media company for sending him a term sheet with a clause to reduce his pay in the event a tech platform were to demonetize his content. Crowder accused the company of enabling Big Tech censorship.

And on Wednesday, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing confirmed DW was the company Crowder referenced. Boreing published the contract details, revealing an opening offer of $50 million over four years. He argued the terms were meant not to “punish” Crowder, but protect the company from bearing the full burden of demonization.

You can read Boreing’s full rebuttal here.

Owens, meanwhile, produced a more ferocious response to Crowder’s gripes. She called it a “bitch move” to whine publicly about a deal for at least $12.5 million a year, at a time other struggle to make ends meet.

She labeled Crowder “a little egocentric,” saying former co-workers speak of him as difficult and unkind.

Here’s Owens:

Crowder is worth a $50 million offer. He has 6 million subscribers on YouTube. His podcast is among the upper echelon in conservative media, along with Ben Shapiro (more on him in a bit), Megyn Kelly, and Dan Bongino.

Heck, Crowder might be worth $100 million over six years, an amount Boreing suggested DW may have been willing to spend after salary and infrastructure costs.

At the same time, Daily Wire is not shilling for Big Tech by implementing terms to split the burden of potentially lost revenues.

Unfortunately, platforms like YouTube continue to engage in politically-motivated censorship and limit the revenue of conservative media brands.

So unless Big Tech relieves itself of such biases, and it won’t, clauses to protect against demonetization will continue.

Candace Owens and Steven Crowder.

Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro spoke about the offer to Crowder on Thursday. “[That] is typically how contracts work,” said Shapiro, reiterating Boreing’s stance.

“If this show were to start losing money — this is true of my show. If my show loses money, and it loses The Daily Wire money, I lose money,” Shapiro explained. “It would’ve been precisely the same thing. If he had lost money in the ad space, and his show had lost money, then he also would’ve lost money because that’s how a joint venture works.”

Shapiro concluded that Crowder is a long-time friend, he wishes him best, but found his commentary on the matter “nasty.”

“There is something rather nasty about attacking people who have been friends for over a decade…on the basis of your own misinterpretation of a document that offers you $50 million over the course of 4 years.”

Steven Crowder will be fine. As will the Daily Wire.

And, unfortunately, as will Big Tech, whose suppression of speech created this very dispute.

Written by Bobby Burack

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