Let’s Leave Cancel Culture In 2022, Starting With NC State Broadcaster Gary Hahn: Hayley Caronia

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Dave Chappelle, Dr. Suess, Mr. Potato Head, Uncle Ben, Cracker Jacks, Aunt Jemima…The list of cancel culture casualties is lengthy, and if we placate the triggered community, it’s sure to keep snowballing. 

The losers who perpetuate cancel culture claim that an example needs to be made out of those who make mistakes, but in 2023 we’re flipping the script, starting with longtime North Carolina State Broadcaster Gary Hahn.

An institutional play-by-play broadcaster, Hahn called games for the Wolfpack for thirty years. Yet seemingly, it all came to an end over just eight words. 

While calling the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, Hahn provided the following score update on the 89th annual Sun Bowl, quipping “Amongst all the illegal aliens down in El Paso, it’s UCLA 14, Pittsburgh 6.” 

Learfield Communications suspended Hahn immediately, indefinitely, and without explanation. 

Woke Deadspin wasted no time accusing Hahn of being xenophobic and racist

Here is the exact headline that doesn’t mince words aimed at Hahn:

NC State announcer Gary Hahn ruins a perfectly fine bowl game with a heaping dollop of racism

Except, “illegal” nor “alien” are racial slurs, no matter how far you try to reach. Don’t take my word for it, take Merriam-Webster’s. An alien refers to “a foreign-born resident who has not been naturalized and is still a subject or citizen of a foreign country.” Plus, if you enter said foreign country illegally, you lose the right to cry over being described as illegal. Migrants can walk the walk, and broadcasters should be allowed to talk the talk. 

The kicker is that Hahn spoke nothing but facts. The annual Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta had to be canceled this year due to the fact that the convention center in Downtown El Paso, Texas is being used to house migrants awaiting their immigration statuses. 

Regardless, Learfield Communications went full steam ahead with a 15-day suspension for Hahn, announcing that he’d be reinstated on January 14th. 

The reinstatement doesn’t earn Learfield a pat on the back in my book, given the suspension was unnecessary to begin with. The truth hurts, and telling it like it is shouldn’t warrant even a slap on the wrist. Learfield, stand behind your broadcasters. We cannot bend to people who are triggered by words, no matter the cost. Protecting the First Amendment is priceless.

Written by Hayley Caronia

Hayley is an avid TikTok complainer, banana bread baker and golf enthusiast. She got a hole-in-one at age 16. Read more of her stories and maybe her luck will rub off on you.

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  1. Those of us at Ground Zero (Raleigh NC) know it was NEVER a First Amendment issue OR a Truth issue …. Gary was simply do a stream of consciousness description of the score of a game involving another ACC team -Pitt. … Gary’s “politics” is unknown to Wolfpack fans … never revealed in 30 years on-air.
    This was simply another attack by Woke Terrorists led by Learfield’s “Officer of People & Culture” – Kristine Schroeder. Yes, that IS her official title. Part of a on-going plan to Wokify Learfield’s field staff. Neither Learfield nor NCState officials expected the heavy blowback by Wolfpack fans. …. The “good guys” WIN this round but the Woke War goes on …..

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