Canadian Sportsnet Hockey Reporter Gets Rude, Rowdy & Arrested In Nashville, Police Allege

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Canadian Sportsnet host and reporter Shawn McKenzie, the son of the legendary Canadian hockey broadcaster Bob McKenzie, was arrested early Saturday morning after getting all lit up at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in Nashville, according to a police report obtained by Scoop: Nashville.

Police say Shawn, 33, was kicked out of the bar for “acting rudely,” but he wasn’t going quietly after telling staff he paid for a table and he wasn’t leaving. Cops showed up, determined the hockey broadcaster to be ripped (allegedly) and he was told to leave.

Shawn-McKenzie-arrested nashville bar
Canada TV hockey broadcaster and host Shawn McKenzie was arrested early Saturday morning at a Nashville bar / Scoop Nashville; Metro Nashville Police Department

The police report states that Shawn was told to leave, which he did after cops made it clear it was in his best interest. However, Shawn proceeded to walk around the area and he eventually returned to the bar to argue with staff and that’s when Bob’s son was hit with public intox and trespassing.

Stop and think about this for a minute — the Canadian was “rude” to the point where he needed to be kicked out. That’s saying something about the level of lit (allegedly) when a Canadian is rude to the point where Shawn needed to go.

We’re talking about a guy whose father owns a line of canned margaritas. Shawn should be an experienced booze-hound compared to some of those who roll into Nashville to party only to end up on probation.

Look at the guy. He even seems happy. But that’s the power of Nashville these days. The booze (allegedly) just hits differently.

Shawn during much simpler times:

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