Canadian Police Use Force To Break Up 6-Person New Year’s Eve House Party

The COVID police were out in full force New Year’s Eve in Gatineau, Quebec. They were called — by a ratting neighbor — to a house there because a raging house party of seven people had broken out. Now video from the cops trying to yank people out of the house has gone viral. Local cops say people aren’t seeing the whole incident.

Quebec is under lockdown orders, which means — on paper — that “visitors from another address are not permitted inside people’s homes,” according to CBC. One thing leads to another on NYE, and the nosey neighbor is calling the cops on his/her neighbors hosting an all-time house party.

Mathieu Tessier, who was arrested, posted video showing the cops arguing with his mother. “The police cannot do what they did to us. They treat us like animals, like criminals,” Tessier told CBC.

The cops say Tessier’s sister, who owns the home, was uncooperative when they showed up and escalated the situation.

31 dec 2020

Posted by Mathieu Tessier on Saturday, January 2, 2021

According to CNN, each person in the house was fined “$1,000 Canadian dollars, plus $546 Canadian dollars in fees, for violating a public health law.” The family in Gatineau weren’t the only people harassed by the COVID cops. In Quebec City, police issued 52 tickets on New Year’s Eve for private gatherings.

As of Sunday, Quebec has seen 8,347 deaths since the pandemic started.

Tessier said he knew there was a risk in holding the gathering but figured they would just be issued a warning. That wasn’t the case at all. The $1,546 tickets were handed out across the province.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I took my dog out for a walk ~11:15pm NYE night, and one of my neighbors up the street was clearly having a party. I live in the suburbs of super-liberal College Town, USA, and these lily-white neighbors of mine fit all of the stereotypes, including the BLM yard sign. My thought: “Cool! People are enjoying themselves! Now, time for bed.” Shame on those who snitch on their neighbors like this.

  2. David, did you just wake up from a coma? The Police are being held accountable for EVERYTHING! The Officers work at the direction of their supervision. The Organization determines the direction of the enforcement. Your “revenue generation” statement is beyond ignorant! Officers have nothing to do with this aspect of enforcement. It appears you received a traffic ticket at some point that you feel was an “abuse of power” and a form of “revenue generation” While I hate the optics these types of events generate, I can assure you the vast majority of Officers detest these assignments. The choice to do their assigned job comes down to quitting or staying employed. Don’t post if you’re going to be this stupid!

    • Sorry I don’t drink the kool aid. Sure they do good stuff when called sometimes. But most traffic stops are to get ticket money. I won’t try to change your mind if you don’t think so. Eric garner was taken down for selling loose cigarettes. Meaning the NYPD was acting as tax enforcers. By the way it was video taped and nothing of consequence happened to the officers. So they can be taped and it doesn’t necessarily matter. He died for a non violent offense.

  3. I don’t agree with the cops showing up for Covid. But…. even routine traffic stops go south, mostly due to the behavior of the suspect(s). Read Jason Whitlock’s previous articles. If you don’t follow police orders, be ready to get roughed up or even worse, shot.

  4. I hate the Police being used in this fashion! The whole response by different Governments smacks of the desire for control! Hypocrites abound! I live in California and our Governor is the lead challenger to Cuomo for biggest phony!

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