Canadian Actress Evangeline Lilly Challenges Justin Trudeau To Meet With Truckers

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Will it be Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly who brings Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian truckers to the same table to hash out their differences? The “Lost” and “Avengers: Endgame” actress, via Bridge City News, released a video over the weekend calling on Trudeau to listen to the concerns of the truckers.

“I want to speak to you today about your current approach to and current treatment of our fellow Canadians who are protesting your federal vaccine mandates,” Lilly said in the video. “They have asked to meet with you, prime minister, medical experts, top scientists, doctors, nurses, parents, grandparents, intelligent, loving, concerned citizens.”

Lilly, who has been a vocal critic of Canadian vaccine mandates, said that “answering fear with force” is not the right way to solve the issues that face Canadians.

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“If you’re so convinced of your own reasons for the mandates, sit down and walk the leaders of a group of 2.3 million protesters across the country who represent many millions more across the nation, and explain it to them and ask them to listen with open hearts and minds, and then reciprocate,” Lilly told Trudeau. “Listen to what they have to say with a mind open to hearing things that might go against the ideas you are entrenched in.”

Sunday morning, Ottawa was quiet for the first time in over three weeks, the Financial Times reported. Trudeau’s use of emergency powers to remove truckers from the capital resulted in 50 vehicles being towed, 170 people arrested and accusations of Trudeau carrying out “vaccine vedettas” against the truckers.

“You unify people by finding solutions together,” Lilly added. “Not by vilifying those who say ‘there is a better way.’

“What we need right now from our leadership is unification and that requires being willing to see, recognize and hear from the people sitting out in the cold, at your door.”

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