Rapper Cam’ron Shares Blunt Message For Ja Morant: ‘Don’t Be Me’

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Rapper Cam’ron doesn’t want to see Ja Morant continue to travel down a dark path.

The Memphis Grizzlies star is currently indefinitely suspended after he flashed a gun on an IG Live stream, and NBA commissioner Adam Silver will announce his punishment in the near future now that the NBA Finals are over.

The belief is Silver is getting ready to drop the hammer due to Morant having repeated issues off the field. He also flashed a gun in a Colorado strip club, allegedly flashed a gun at a teenager during a fight and was allegedly in a vehicle where someone was accused of flashing a laser possibly attached to a gun at members of the Indiana Pacers.

It appears the NBA and Silver have had enough of Morant’s actions.

What will Ja Morant’s punishment be after latest off-court incident? (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Cam’ron cautions Ja Morant to stay on a good path.

The popular rapper took to Instagram to share a story about his own life and how poor decisions can become huge problems, especially if there’s no backup plan.

“I was on bull sh*t in college. I got kicked out for pistol whipping a n****. (Which I don’t condone) lucky I had a plan B and C. Ja don’t be me you can’t rap,” Cam’ron wrote on a now-viral Instagram post.

The message is simple. Ja Morant might be blowing the only chance he has in life for serious money. Cam’ron at least had a music career to fall back on after his time playing basketball came to an end due to his own stupidity.

Will Ja Morant figure things out?

Ja Morant has generational money coming his way, and he still can’t seem to care to stay on the straight and narrow.

He’s due to earn more than $194 million over the next five years. That’s the kind of money that sets up generations for success. Yet, Ja Morant seems more interested in clownish activities off the court.

The man seems obsessed with playing out some thug fantasy when he didn’t even come close to coming from that world. He also always seems to find himself around guns for all the wrong reasons.

Ja Morant has a huge opportunity ahead of him to change his life forever. He should be solely focused on earning as much money as possible and having a great career. Instead, the Grizzlies star seems interested in just about anything else.

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