College Sports’ Most Random Mascot, Campbell’s Fighting Camel, Gets Modern Face Lift With Lots Of Hidden Easter Eggs

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Campbell University has the most unique mascot in college sports and it just got a face lift!

Although there may be weirder, or cooler mascots in college sports, they all have some sort of correlation to the school or may not be the actual mascot. Western Kentucky, Delta State and Stanford are good examples.

(Stay with me!)

Western Kentucky is the Hilltoppers, because the campus sits on top of a hill. Its sideline mascot, Big Red, is amazing.

But Big Red is not a “Hilltopper,” per se.

The same goes for the Stanford Cardinal. It has the legendary tree mascot, but the tree isn’t a Cardinal.

Down at Delta State, the Fighting Okra is amazing. But even his existence correlates to the region.

Campbell University is different.

Campbell’s mascot is the Fighting Camel. Camels have nothing to do with a private, Christian, liberal arts school with 5,600 students in central North Carolina. They are not native to the region, like, at all.

So why is Campbell University the Camels?

There are three possible origin stories, with the third being the most widely-accepted.

One urban legend suggests that the Camel came from people mishearing or mispronouncing ‘Campbell.’ Another believes that students in the 1930s derived a slogan for the school: “I’d walk a mile for a camel.” There isn’t much archival support for either tale.

A more detailed breakdown of the Camel origin would lead to the following concise version:

The school’s founder, Dr. Campbell, was once told: “Your name’s Campbell; then get a hump on you! We’ve got work to do.” He thought that the man told him: “You’re a camel, get a hump on you.”

And there you have it! The Campbell Camels were born.

Gaylord and Gladys, the Camels (Image courtesy: Campbell University)

Aren’t they amazing?

The Camels recently underwent something of a rebrand!

Campbell University’s athletic teams recently made the move from the Big South Conference to the Colonial Athletic Association. They will play their first season in the new conference starting this fall.

With the new conference came a new look. Campbell modernized its logo.

Here are the old logos:

Here is the new one:

And if you didn’t catch them all with your own eyes, Campbell’s new logo has a lot of hidden features, meanings and messages.

Everything about the Fighting Camels is beautiful. Their saying, in homage to Alabama, is just as great β€” ROLL HUMPS!

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