Cam Newton Cites His ‘Aura’ As Reason For Release From Patriots

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Like a frog in biology class, Cam Newton has now opened up. Less than two days after teasing the release of a tell-all video, Newton took to YouTube to dish on his ouster from New England. The free agent quarterback even frequently referred to himself in the third person.

Newton pointed to the team’s decision to hand the quarterbacking reins to Mac Jones as the main reason for his release. Though he had no qualms about being the back up, he felt the rookie would’ve been uneasy having a former MVP behind him: “Let me be honest with you. If they would have asked me, ‘Cam, we’re going to give the team to Mac, you’re going to be second-string. We expect you to be everything and some to guide him throughout this tenure,’ I would have said, ‘Absolutely.’ But listen, the truth of the matter is this, he would have been uncomfortable.”

Cam continued: “The reason they released me is because, indirectly, I was going to be a distraction without being the starter. Just my aura . . . That’s my gift and my curse. When you bring a Cam Newton to your facility, when you bring a Cam Newton to your franchise, people are interested.”

Though Newton missed nearly a week of early August practices due to COVID protocols, he doesn’t think the missed time factored into his release: “Do I think this would have happened without me being away for five days? Honestly, yes. It was gonna happen. Did it help ease the decision? Yes.”

Now a 32-year-old free agent, Newton has no interest in hanging up his cleats. “This is not a retirement speech,” said Newton. “And I have a lot of football still in me.”




Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Lol… he should get a second opinion on his verbiage before he makes statements like this public. Not sure “Aura” quite captures the moment. I think he should have just stopped at “distraction.”

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