Calvin Ridley Brags About Gambling Winnings In Since-Deleted Tweet Responding To Troll

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Calvin Ridley is not only one of the NFL’s best wide receivers when at his best, he is also a really good gambler. So he says, at least.

Ridley, who was traded from Atlanta to Jacksonville back in November, was suspended for the entire 2022 NFL season after betting on games in the fall of 2021. He was away from the Falcons while dealing with injury and placed multiple bets on NFL and NBA games, including his own team.

That is not allowed. It is a direct violation of the NFL’s gambling policy.

Ridley knows he made a mistake and spoke to the circumstances of his bad decision in a heartfelt, honest open dialogue earlier this month. There was a lot more going on in Ridley’s life that led to a bad decision and, ultimately, his suspension.

Now in his first year with his new team, Ridley will be rocking a new number. It was announced on Tuesday that the 28-year-old pass-catcher will wear No. 0, which NFL owners only approved earlier in the morning.

In response to the announcement, one Twitter user jabbed at Ridley with a joke about his betting.

Ridley saw the tweet and didn’t take too kindly to the disrespect. Although he shouldn’t have placed the bets in the first place, he wanted to be very clear that they were profitable wagers.

To do so, Ridley responded to the troll and claimed to have made $36,000. The tweet has since been deleted, but the internet doesn’t forget!

Ridley has admitted to betting $1,500.

Bretty Smiley of Sports Handle later reported that Ridley wagered far more than that amount. The actual numbers are inconsistent and unknown, which also draws some skepticism regarding the validity Ridley’s $36,000 in winnings.

If Ridley did turn $1,500 into $36,000 through the wagers that got him suspended, then perhaps he should continue going into the business full-time after he steps away from the NFL. That’s a profit that most sports bettors would dream about!

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