California Teacher Berates 13-Year-Old For Supporting Police

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A substitute teacher in California’s Grass Valley School District proved last week that he’s as much in need of an American history lesson as any student, and maybe more so. The unnamed male substitute lashed out at a teen in class for his pro-police mask.

Lucas Lillar, 13, who was abiding by California’s masking cosmetic theatre, wore a pro-law enforcement mask to school last week. The mask features a black and white American flag with one thin blue line positioned in the middle. Lillar’s mask set off his substitute teacher, who deliberately conflated the thin blue line flag with the Confederate flag and who then verbally berated the teen about it in front of his classmates. Part of the exchange was caught on video.

“That’s not the American flag, that’s the new Confederacy flag,” said the woke substitute.

After the student corrected the teacher by informing him that the flag that adorned his mask was not, in fact, the Confederate flag, the substitute angrily shot back:

Well, we can’t do the Confederate, but we can put up the red, white and blue. No, it’s black, white, with some blue line in it.”

The substitute may not be up to date on his history, but he sure as hell knows his colors.

Lillar, who wears the mask in support of his father and stepmother, who are both police officers, answered back, saying: “Yeah, (the mask has) the thin blue line.”

The teacher’s response: “Yeah, but it’s not American.”

At this point, the substitute should’ve excused himself and walked into shop class to fix his broken brain, ego, and grammar. Then again, that wouldn’t have done him much good. After all, you can’t fix stupid.

Lillar and the substitute argued for what Lillar and classmates have estimated to be close to 20 minutes. The substitute continued to raise his voice and speak down to Lillard, and his uneducated stance left the teen bewildered.

“I was confused because I didn’t know what he was talking about at first,” Lillar told Fox & Friends. “And then he kept saying, ‘That is un-American’ and how ‘If police don’t like you, they’ll shoot you.’”

In this case, the only thing shot was the substitute’s chances of earning another payday from the school district. He’s been banned from returning to district. So unlike the South, he will not rise again.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Being a substitute teacher has to be one of the easiest jobs out there, notwithstanding the kids acting like assholes but you don’t even have to lecture, let alone berate a kid because you’re a triggered lil bitch.

    Go over a few items from the book, hand out a packet, throw on an educational movie. Boom, class over.

  2. I might be on the teachers side here. I’m assuming he was pointing to the American Flag in the video and its red, white, and blue colors. Maybe he didn’t know about the police’s version of the flag and thought the kid was showing disrespect. By the way, is it proper or ethical for the police to take an American Flag and change the colors on it to fit their purposes?

    • Ignorance does not condone berating a kid in class to the point of referencing the confederate flag. That was not a rational discussion, that was an adult raming his point down a kids throat. This is not how you teach children. You teach them by having rational discussions and encouraging their feedback.

      After running all of the real teachers out of California, this is an example of what remains.

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