California Pet Store Bans Second Amendment Supporters

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A pet shop in California has banned supporters of the 2nd amendment from adopting animals at its location.

“We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons,” Shelter Hope Pet Shop said on its website. “If your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you.”

The shop says it will conduct a one-hour interview with prospective adopters to find out if they support guns. The policy says it will find out if potential pet parents “care about children being gunned down in our schools?”

We just want to make clear this is not a parody but a real story and policy.

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“If you hesitate, because your core belief is that you believe teachers need to carry firearms, then you will not get approved to adopt from us,” Kim Sill, the owner of the store, wrote.

“If you foster for us and believe in guns, please bring our dogs and/or cats back, or we will arrange to have them picked up.”

If you believe in guns, huh?

And for those of you who plan on lying to Ms. Sill, she will take you to court.

“If you lie about being a [National Rifle Association] supporter, make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud,” she warns.

So if you respect the 2nd amendment, no Shelter Hope pets for you.

As someone who likes dogs better than people, I’m for stringent interview processes before handing an innocent pet over to some wacko. However, liking guns does not make one a dangerous pet owner.

In fact, I’d be more concerned about giving a pet to some woke Twitter lady who believes what MSNBC preaches about the 2nd amendment.

It’s unclear if the California pet shop will withhold pets for 1st amendment believers as well. Kim Sill seems like the type of person to have disdain for free speech.

Save the pets.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Someone explain to me how THIS is any different from the baker who would not bake a cake for the gay couple ??? He suffered substantial $$$ damage for his policy. …??????
    IMO, both business owners have the right to deny their product/services to whomever they choose.

  2. “If you lie about being a [National Rifle Association] supporter, make no mistake, we will sue you for fraud,” she warns.

    I want to call that bluff, but on the other hand, I don’t want to give these psychopaths any business.

  3. “We care a lot about these animals, but we want to limit the already limited number of people willing to come adopt them and give them a good home to make ourselves feel better about an unrelated topic (that I am uneducated on)”

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