Robber Gets Shot By American Hero Using A Shotgun

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An armed robber in California learned the hard way that pulling a gun on the wrong person will get you hurt in the worst of ways.

A man entered a store in Norco, California brandishing a rifle, and that’s when he was hit with a big dose of instant karma, according to KABC.

The store owner pulled out a shotgun, and didn’t hesitate before firing off a round. In surveillance video, the bad guy could be heard shouting, “He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!”

Check out the unreal shooting below.

Police later found all the suspects believed to be involved in the incident, and one man was at a hospital with a gunshot wound. Turns out, pulling a gun on someone who is also armed and ready to use it isn’t a good idea!

If you’re dumb enough to pull a weapon on a store owner, you’re dumb enough to get blasted into the next timezone.

Given the distance the suspect got hit at, he’s very lucky he’s not dead. KABC reported the suspect was in critical but stable condition. That’s better than could be expected given how things went down.

Let this serve as a blunt reminder to criminals that knocking over the wrong location will end with extreme violence.

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Written by David Hookstead

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