California Gym Owner Battles Rain On Her Outdoor Gym Roof With No Lockdown End In Sight

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What’s Californian Sandy Lewis-Duvall up against to keep her gym, Sierra Fitness, running while Gavin Newsom continues to crush her business with his COVID lockdown regulations? She’s forced to fight off water collecting on the makeshift roof over her outdoor gym as a major rainstorm rolls through Los Angeles.

“We are ok. We are OPEN!,” Lewis-Duvall announced defiantly on Facebook. She struck a similar tone back on December 5, telling KTLA she wasn’t shutting down and that the state hasn’t provided her language to close outdoor gyms.

“Our industry is completely devastated with all of the shutdowns. There are only so many that can hang on, especially the small guys,” told KTLA. As for round three of shutdowns, Lewis-Duvall knows what future many businesses are facing.

Sandy — who has had to battle COVID lockdowns, the Sierra Madre fires and now a rainstorm — isn’t sure how much more people can take. “I don’t know if we can recover from this time,” she said.

Still, Sandy fights on and is out there busting her ass against the elements to keep her gym going. Yes, the bucket is no match for the water pouring in, but the show will go on as long as you’re not afraid to get your outdoor gym shoes a little wet.

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Monday that the state will likely extend the stay-at-home order another three weeks. According to the Desert Sun, the new order would “continue to prohibit residents from gathering; essential businesses such as grocery stores must continue to operate at 20% capacity; bars, wineries salons and restaurant dining will remain shut down; and hotels can still only be open for critical infrastructure support.”

Sierra Fitness outdoor gym

Sierra Fitness location

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