Four-Star Recruit Nearly Blows ACL During Ill-Advised Florida Photoshoot, Gives Inside Look At Extensive Hotel Spread

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Caleb Odom spent the weekend visiting the University of Florida. It resulted in a hilarious recruiting mishap that went extremely viral across the college football world.

Odom, a four-star tight end in the Class of 2024, stands 6-foot-4, 220 pounds. He will have his pick of the litter in terms of where to play on the next level, but Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama and Florida are in hot pursuit. Miami, LSU, Louisville, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas A&M and UCF are among his other offers.

Wherever Odom ends up, he is going to be a problem for opposing defenses. The Carrollton, Georgia-native has all of the intangibles and skills necessary to blossom into a top NFL Draft pick down the road. His tape just about says it all.

Fortunately, Odom did not leave Gainesville with a severe injury, which was a very realistic possibility.

Upon arrival to campus, Odom was met with an extensive welcome to his hotel room. It has become standard to go way over the top with gifts, cakes, and things of that nature within a recruit’s hotel room and it was no different at Florida.

From there, after getting a tour of the facilities and chatting with coaches, Odom put on the Gators uniform for his visit photoshoot. Florida rocks Jordan Brand, so of course he had to do the Jumpman logo pose. It turned out great.

But to get to that point, it did not go well.

For some inexplicable reason (probably lighting purposes or something like that), Florida had Odom standing on a pane of glass. In cleats.

Jumping in cleats and landing on glass is ill-advised and it went as poorly as you might expect. Odom had his feet slip out from under him and hit the deck.

Caleb Odom was okay. He was able to laugh about the mishap. It could have gone much worse.

But maybe the Gators won’t have any recruits jump on glass while wearing cleats going forward?

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