Caesars Sportsbook Is The First To Livestream An NFL Game And Allow Live Betting

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Caesars Sportsbook became the first gambling entity to stream an NFL game live and allow live betting simultaneously. Sunday’s Colts v. Cowboys game was the first ever to be streamed inside of a gambling APP.

Caesars is an official sponsor of the NFL and announced Monday morning they were granted the right to stream. It is officially the first time ever a gambler could watch and bet a game in the same APP interface.

Draft Kings has a deal the allows real time live information on its site. It does not have the right yet to live stream video of the game.

Gamblers have become very used to the live info feeds because of their speed. Reports from the first streamed game were that the video feed of the game was reliable and quick. The Caesars video often beat the cable feed of the game.

If streaming live events becomes widespread, what does that mean for Sportsbooks in Vegas and around the country in states that are raking in millions for legalized sports gambling? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

FanDuel features live streams of horse racing through its ownership of TVG. It is wildly popular with fans of Horse racing.

The future is here, and it is rapidly changing how sports gamblers will do what they do. Caesars announced that Sunday night’s game was just a test. They plan on doing it again for selected games the rest of the regular season.

Right now, Caesars has an exclusive deal to stream NFL games. Will the NFL allow other gambling sites to stream games?

The rights fees associated with this seem to be endless.

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