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Have you been shopping for the perfect casket that will remind folks of the good times at your funeral as you lay there dead as a doornail? Do you want people to remember the trips to Dega when you and the fellas would crush Busch heavies and raise hell on the boulevard?

Were you the biggest Dale Earnhardt fan ever? Prove it by contacting a guy named Joe Stacey in Hendersonville, TN who’s selling a Dale Earnhardt No. 3 casket for $2,000. Maybe you weren’t a Dale guy. Joe Stacey also sells Atlanta Braves-themed caskets, Smokey and the Bandit caskets, Kiss caskets and even a Tennessee Titans casket for those that really want to be tortured in the afterlife.

The Earnhardt casket paint job will run you $2,000 out the door, and Stacey says on Facebook that his prices will beat all the big boys in the casket market. “During situations where a money pooling, fundraising, or Gofundme page are set up …saving money is especially important. We not only sell custom caskets and urns, we also sell non-custom. These are the same caskets from the same manufacturers (as the funeral homes sell) but for about 50% less,” Stacey writes.

Dale Earnhardt casket for sale on Facebook Marketplace
Dale Earnhardt casket / Facebook Marketplace

It’s not just custom paint that’s being added to caskets these days. Custom casket legend Ross Hall told Vice news that he’s now adding LEDs to caskets. “We’ve even started putting LEDS in the coffins that sit inside the lid, running off batteries, and those batteries last for 30 days,” Hall told VICE in April. “So if you’re getting buried, the lights are on for 30 days.”

And we’re not far off from Microsoft allowing people to interact with dead loved ones via technology. In other words, it appears there will be a day when Dale Earnhardt could read a condolence letter to your family as you lay deader than a doornail inside a Dale No. 3 Chevy Monte Carlo casket.

via Facebook Marketplace
via Facebook Marketplace
via Facebook Marketplace
via Facebook Marketplace


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