Butch Jones Makes Hall Of Fame Worthy Stupid Comment After Blowout Loss To Oklahoma

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Arkansas State coach Butch Jones is the proud owner of one of the stupidest comments in recent college football memory.

The Red Wolves lost 73-0 Saturday to Oklahoma, and it’s the early leader for the ugliest game of the year between D1 teams. Oregon beat Portland 81-7, but that’s a P5 program vs. an FCS team. It’s a little different.

Arkansas State is a G5 team that looked like children against the Sooners. However, the results on the field might not have been the most disappointing. It was Butch Jones‘ postgame press conference that really caught everyone’s attention.

The Arkansas State Red Wolves got destroyed by Oklahoma week one. Head coach Butch Jones made an insanely dumb comment after the game about not losing games. (Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports via USA Today Sports Network)

Butch Jones drops absurd line after Oklahoma loss.

“You have to not lose the game before you can ever win the game,” an absolutely crushed Jones told the media after the blowout loss.

Yes, those are real words that came out of his mouth after losing a game 73-0.

The man went full Trent Dilfer. Never go full Trent Dilfer.

College football coaches are truly some of the funniest people on the planet. Mack Brown grabbed Shane Beamer by the neck and Butch Jones is talking about not losing games before you win them.

It was only week one, and the content was already rolling around the clock.

Let’s remember that Butch Jones’ time at Tennessee was an unmitigated disaster. He went 34-27 and 14-24 in the SEC before being shown the door after 10 games into the 2017 season. His time with the Red Wolves makes that look like the greatest run ever. He’s 5-20 since being hired in 2021 by Arkansas State. It almost takes more effort to be that bad than it does to actually win.

Oklahoma beat Arkansas State 73-0 during week one. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

He’s also the proud owner of one of the dumbest quotes in college football history. Best of luck to Arkansas State the rest of the way. The Red Wolves are absolutely going to need it.

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