Buffalo Sports Writer – And Proud Liberal Democrat – Fired After Calling Women The ‘Worst Fans’ In Sports

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Jerry Sullivan, a Buffalo-based sports writer who has covered the Bills for years, has been fired after comments he made about women sports fans on a podcast.

Sullivan appeared on the Buffalo sports-themed podcast’ Trainwreck Tonight’ and during a Q&A session from listeners he told women to “be better.”

“Women, be better than this because the worst fans are really the women,” Sullivan said. “They don’t get critical journalism. They’re all wannabe cheerleaders, you know what I mean? It’s a dangerous avenue to go down to criticize women in general, because they’re better the men, generally. But as a fan, they don’t get it as fans.”

The day after the clip of Sullivan went somewhat viral on social media, Greater Niagara Sports, which runs the Niagara Gazette, announced that it has decided to “part ways” with Sullivan.

“We do not condone misogynistic, insensitive, or derogatory comments in any form,” the statement read in part.

Sullivan – a ‘journalist’ – also made headlines over the weekend when he straight-up told Josh Allen – an NFL quarterback – the Bills’ offense doesn’t look good enough to win a Super Bowl following the team’s win over the Jets.

There is an ironic side to the story of Sullivan looking like a complete moron on the podcast.

The first three statements in his Twitter bio read: Independent journalist. Liberal Democrat. Women’s sports advocate.

You truly can’t make this stuff up.


I guess in the proud liberal democrat’s defense, nothing in his bio says anything about supporting women fans within sports.

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