Buffalo Bills Reached Out To Panthers To Inquire About Potential Christian McCaffrey Trade

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With the Carolina Panthers practically letting their season tank on Monday by dismissing their coaching staff, the rest of the NFL is looking at a potential fire sale for Panthers star players. And one of those targets is Pro Bowl running back Christian McCaffrey.


According to NFL reporter Michael Balko, the Buffalo Bills have reached out to the flailing Panthers regarding a potential trade for McCaffrey.

According to Balko, up to six NFL teams have contacted the Panthers with interest in McCaffrey.

First and foremost, what a scary thought. Picturing Josh Allen and Ken Dorsey’s trending offense with a top-three (and arguably top-one) running back sounds like a nightmare for the rest of the defense in the league.

Christian McCaffrey is still an RB1

As a reminder of his RB1 rank, McCaffrey surpassed 1,300 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards as recently as 2019.

Injury troubles have kept McCaffrey limited to just 10 games played from 2020-2021. Thankfully, he’s been back to producing for the Panthers offense — averaging over 100 offensive yards a game through five weeks this season.

Could the Bills entice the Panthers to trade Christian McCaffrey?
Could the Bills entice the Panthers to trade Christian McCaffrey? (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

Even if McCaffrey has struggled with staying on the field in past seasons, his addition to a backfield utilizing middle-of-the-pack RBs like Devin Singletary and Zack Moss would solidify the formidable Bills attack as the best in the league.

They already have an All-Pro quarterback in Josh Allen and an All-Pro wide receiver in Stefon Diggs. Plus, Gabe Davis and Dawson Knox are playing like top-tier receiving options.

A rebuild is coming in Carolina. Is it coming without Christian McCaffrey?

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