Budweiser Models Behind Oilers Bench Fail In Their Mission To Destroy Connor McDavid

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Their mission for the Budweiser models from Calgary’s Cowboys Nightclub was clear in Game 5 of the Battle of Alberta: throw Connor McDavid off his game and power the Flames to a series-saving victory.

The Budweiser models behind the Oilers bench failed.

The 25-year-old superstar McDavid delivered a series-ending overtime goal and the Oilers are now headed to their first Western Conference Finals appearance since 2006.

The plan from Cowboys Nightclub was simple. They bought up the seats where Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft would be standing and immediately tried to play head games with their low-cut tops and cowboy hats.

The ladies even came together to place their hands on the glass as Woodcroft braced himself. It was quite a moment in behind-the-bench history which has a rich history in Canada where this mental-game tactic has been used for a number of years as teams look for every advantage possible.

Women behind Oilers bench
Calgary’s Cowboys Nightclub placed Budweiser models behind the Oilers bench during Game 5 / Twitter

Woodcroft even admitted after the game that his boys might not have had their head completely in the game.

“I thought we were a little sluggish as a group,” Woodcroft told reporters. “Not just Connor, but as a group I thought we had more to give. Just flipping Kane and Hyman the way we did, I thought it boosted Connor and Leon a little bit and gave us a little bit of a spark. Doesn’t always work like that. Tonight it did.”

Calgary bar models behind Oilers bench
The Budweiser models from Cowboys Nightclub in Calgary playing head games with Connor McDavid / via Instagram Storm

McDavid admitted he didn’t have his best game.

“I was bad all night,” the Oilers captain said. “I was riding the coattails of my teammates and got a great opportunity and so I’m happy to contribute.”

Some credit clearly goes to the Cowboys Nightclub models, but in the end the ladies just didn’t have enough in the tank. McDavid overcame the obstacles and now the Oilers move on to face the winner of the Colorado-St. Louis series.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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