Buccaneers Fans Pummel Eagles Fan In Ugly Beatdown

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Folks, it’s time we have a serious talk about what’s going on with the violence towards Eagles fans. I’ve blogged multiple times over the last few years about how things changed for Eagles fans when the team did the improbable and won Super Bowl LII.

The tough-guy act was over. Winning the Super Bowl softened the fan base to a point where Eagles fans are now some of the softest fans in the league. Here’s the big problem: Opposing fan bases have been trained to believe that Eagles fans want to get into bloody stadium street fights.

Eagles fan beaten up by Tampa Bay fan video
An Eagles fan tries to defend himself against Buccaneers fans during Sunday’s Wild Card game / Twitter

Opposing fans think we’re still living during the times where Philly union plumbers and electricians would beat your ass and make you buy them draft beers while cleaning the blood off your face. That’s just not the modern Philly sports fan. Winning the Super Bowl was the end of the bare-knuckled, fight-until-someone-is-a-bloody-mess era. The 700 Level at the Vet is old news. The final Eagles game at the Vet was in 2003. The in-stadium jail joke is old news.

Truth be told, the post-Super Bowl Eagles fan is one of the softest fans the NFL has ever seen, but the media outlets just aren’t reporting on this phenomenon. You have a bunch of 20-something Eagles fans who have a Super Bowl title in their pocket and they’re not ready to fight tooth and nail in every venue around the league. This isn’t the old version of Eagles fans where truckers and longshoremen would suck down 30 beers and look for trouble.

The national media is complicit in this violence that is happening to Eagles fans.

One week ago, we saw Eagles fans allow one of their own to be pummeled by Cowboys fans. Sunday, a video emerged of Buccaneers fans pummeling an Eagles fan in an attack where Philly fan couldn’t even fight back.

It’s clear as day that Eagles fans that don’t want to fight are being targeted here. The NFL media needs to do its job and say enough is enough.

Where are Mike Florio and Peter King to speak out on this unnecessary violence?

Enough is enough. Leave Eagles fans alone. They’ve changed, dammit.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. It appears to me there’s absolutely no more tough guy fans for any of these teams. At least not watching these fight videos anyway. The Bucs fan got in about 10 cheap shots on the eagles fan while he was down then he just sits up like it was nothing. But it makes complete sense that nothing but pussies attend these games, first off after these privileged athletes tell you you’re racist and they’re “oppressed” any real man would say screw the nfl you aren’t getting a penny from me. Secondly you have to show proof of vax to get into most of these games these days, which falls into the category of liberal pussies. Furthermore in most of these stadiums gone are the days of flagging the beer man down and paying cash for a beer and tipping him and telling him come back regularly. Now it’s all prepaid or debit/credit only and you’re lucky if the dickhead next to doesn’t ask you to Venmo him some money and he’ll get you back later…all said an old school tough guy just isn’t dealing with this bullshit.

  2. Tampa has its share of drunken violent trash at its games, just like a lot of other teams. Went to a MNF game there once. End zone seats. Half our large party was Bucs fans, half Rams fans. The surrounding Bucs fans were quite “inhospitable”. The only reason the Rams fans got out unscathed was the number of Bucs fans with them.

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