Get Woke, Go Broke: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts See Unprecedented Drop In Membership

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. have seen a massive decrease during recent years as both organizations have adjusted their practices and principles to “woke” culture .

An ABC News report detailed that membership in BSA has dropped to an estimated 700,000 total, a sharp fall from the four million children who enrolled back in the 1970s.

The Girl Scouts have seen a similar timeline, drawing less than one million members total in 2021, compared to 2.8 million back in 2003.

As politics entrench themselves deeper into the public discussion, the BSA and GSA have taken steps to take a more socially liberal approach to their operations, which appears to be hurting them more than anything.

While the report cites parenting schedules, competing sports leagues and general inconveniences for the decline in memberships, both organizations have faced criticism in recent years for their handling of “woke” issues, especially with regard to topics such as sexuality and racism.

In early 2021, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it would be introducing its first class of female Eagle Scouts as the BSA caved to critics who took issue with its pre-established, gender-specific operations. Nearly 1,000 girls will be enrolled in the program created to educate young men.

In the midst of social turmoil during 2020, the BSA announced that it would support Black Lives Matter by requiring its members to earn a diversity badge.

The Girls Scouts of the U.S.A. received backlash for congratulating Trump-nominated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett via Instagram post. They then deleted the post after predominantly liberal critics lambasted the organization for supporting Barrett.

As both groups continue to show their hand in the political divide, parents remain concerned about indoctrination from politicians and activists. Such parents have seen the “baggage” these activists are carrying and the mixed messages they offer America’s youth. Now it seems that the GSA and BSA take their cues from woke organizations and figures.

Get woke, go broke!

Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • While you can fault the BSA for capitulating to the woke mob, one of the big reasons they did so was their corporate dollars were. going to dry up if they didn’t do so. So once again, corporate America had their hands in. undermining a traditional American institution.

  1. I’m old…

    I remember a guy I went to HS with making Eagle Scout and it was pretty Big Deal. I remember he had to do some pretty rigorous physical, scholastic and social acts.

    Fast-forward 30 years, and I had a guy apply for a job and on his resume, he stated he was an Eagle Scout. He was 20 years old, so I called him up and told him, he got the job. When he showed up, I was shocked.. he had the physique of a 12-year old girl and was border-line “Special Needs” child (we later learned he had Asperger Syndrome). I kept him for a as long as he wanted to stay: about 3-years. He was over-paid and under-worked, but my customer’s loved “my charity” to employ this “special” kid — and, truthfully, he was “likable.” While he was in my employ, he failed out of Junior College, TWICE!

    My long-winded point is that, nowadays, making “Eagle Scout” is crap. We killed one of the greatest organizations in the world in the name of “fairness.”

    I doubt I will ever hire and “Eagle Scout” again. He will definitely have to endure my interview process.

  2. This is 100% an issue of woke-ism. My kids and the kids all around the neighborhood will be/already are avoiding the organization(s) due to it’s/their woke nonsense. This is well known and talked about amongst parents. Very sad, but true.

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