Bryson DeChambeau’s New Girlfriend Is Lilia Schneider, According To His Ex

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When OutKick makes a mistake, we correct it and that means it’s time to set the record on the name of the young lady who hitched a ride with Bryson DeChambeau during Sunday’s LIV Golf event.

The woman in the cart is Instagram rising star college golfer Lilia Schneider, according to Bryson’s ex-girlfriend Hunter Nugent, who was misidentified in earlier reporting due to an error from a photo agency. Apologies to Hunter. She WAS NOT in Chicago.

“Bryson and I aren’t dating anymore,” Nugent confirmed to OutKick via Instagram, before mentioning the new girlfriend’s name.

And with that, say hello to Michigan native Lilia Schneider, who has a legitimate chance to become ‘The Next Great Instagram Golf Influencer.’

Bryson DeChambeau girlfriend Lilia Schneider
Bryson DeChambeau’s ex-girlfriend Hunter Nugent says that’s his new girlfriend, college golfer Lilia Schneider, in the cart during Sunday’s LIV Golf final round / Getty Images

The sophomore golfer at Marian University in Indianapolis, which has an enrollment of 2,400 undergraduates, has amassed nearly 44,000 Instagram followers and 156,000 TikTok followers where she is the LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne equivalent for the golf community.

“I used to be very insecure and hate my body,” Schneider told her TikTok followers in 2021. “So I decided to do something about it.”

“Discipline beats motivation,” she added.

Now Schneider finds herself finely tuned like a Ferrari, dating DeChambeau, 29, and with all the intangibles to skyrocket right to the top of the Instagram golf influencer world. Yes, Paige Spiranac and Claire Hogle are still the queens of the industry, but it appears Schneider is about to find herself a favorite of the tabloid industry.

But first, it’s golf season.

After a freshman season where Schneider played in just one tournament and shooting a 176 (87, 89), it’s time to crank it up in 2022-23 with Bryson now in the mix.

The Marian U. women’s golf team will play a fall schedule that ends two days before Bryce and the LIV Tour invades Miami for the season-ending big money championship. Smart money right now would be on Schneider hopping on a jet down to Miami to continue her IG influencing domination and to cheer on her new boyfriend as he chases down the $16 million first-place prize with his LIV teammates.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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