Bryce Young Will Take 2nd Team Reps, Panthers Want People To Believe It’s A True QB Competition

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The Carolina Panthers appear truly committed to convincing people Bryce Young might not start at QB.

The Panthers moved a lot of capital in order to move up and snag the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The pick was used to draft the Alabama Heisman winner.

No player gets drafted first overall to ride the bench, and more than ever before, QBs are pressed into starting roles early.

Bryce Young is currently QB2 for the Carolina Panthers. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Yet, Panthers GM Scott Fitterer claimed in early May Andy Dalton was the team’s starting QB, and head coach Frank Reich echoed that sentiment over the weekend.

Reich said the following ahead of OTAs starting, according to USA Today:

Yeah, Bryce will get a lot of reps. As we said—when he’s ready, when it’s best for the team, that’s when we’ll look to make a transition. Right now, we come back out Monday, Andy will be taking reps with the 1’s, Bryce will be with the 2’s, but Bryce is gonna get a lot of reps. Likely even get a few more than Andy, just as the new guy. And the good thing with Andy is, he’s logged a lot in the last few weeks and as a savvy veteran, he still needs to work. But we’ll focus on getting Bryce, as the younger played, focused on getting him as many reps as we can.

The Panthers want people to believe Bryce Young might not start.

The Carolina Panthers might be claiming Andy Dalton is QB1 until Bryce Young is ready, but this whole song and dance seems unnecessary.

Young wasn’t drafted first overall to ride the pine behind Andy Dalton. He was drafted to play and play sooner than later.

When do we all think Bryce Young will magically be ready? Will it be some time shortly before week one? Seems very likely.

The Panthers aren’t expected to win much in 2023 and Andy Dalton isn’t going to take them anywhere. It’d be one thing if Carolina had a great starting QB and was capable of making a deep run right now. That’s not the case at all. Thus, there’s zero point in Bryce Young not playing.

Will Bryce Young start at QB for the Panthers? (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

However, coaches love to convince people there’s a true QB battle when it’s obvious who is the face of the franchise. Bryce Young might not get QB1 reps right now, but by the time it matters, it will be nothing short of shocking if he’s not starting. Guys of his caliber don’t sit the bench after going first overall.

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