March Madness Legend Doug Edert Ejected After Trading Slaps With Syracuse Players In Bench-Clearing Altercation

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Two players were ejected during Saturday’s college basketball game between Bryant and Syracuse. One of which was March Madness legend Doug Edert, who rose to fame last season with the Saint Peter’s Peacocks and transferred during the offseason.

With just over seven minutes left in the first half, the Bulldogs held an eight-point lead over their ACC opponent. In that moment, Orange guard Judah Mintz drove to the hoop and drew a foul in the lane.

Rather than walking to the free-throw line and taking his two shots, he let his frustration get the best of him. Mintz walked past Edert and slapped him in the face with very little reason.

Considering that he just took a hand to the head, Edert was not happy. He turned back toward Mintz, went up behind the aggressor and landed a big slap in retaliation. It was much harder than the slap that started the scuffle.

After watching his teammate get licked, Syracuse’s 6-foot-10 forward John Bol Ajak charged at the Bryant guard. That sent Edert into fight or flight response and he did not want the smoke.

As Edert ran away from Ajak, Syracuse and Bryant were separated by the referees.

Here is another look at the incident:

After reviewing the tape, the officials ejected both Mintz and Edert. Rightfully so.

In addition, Bryant players Tyler Brelsford and Kvonn Cramer were also tossed for leaving the bench area during the incident. They were ready to throw hands on Edert’s behalf, but fortunately, it did not reach that point.

Despite being down three players, the Bulldogs were able to keep the Orange within their sights. On the flip side, Mintz being the the Jim Boehim’s leading scorer and not being on the court proved costly.

In the end, Bryant beat Syracuse 73-72 and moved to 5-1.

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