Bruce Arians Fires Back At Rookie Chase Young Over Tom Brady Comments

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It appears we have ourselves a juicy war of words breaking out between Chase Young and Bruce Arians, and Wild Card week has just gotten started. There’s still plenty of time for this battle to heat up before kickoff Saturday night at FedEx Field.

“Tom Brady! Tom Brady, I’m coming. I want Tom!” Young was heard yelling on his way off the field after the Football Team’s 20-14 win over the Eagles that clinched the NFC East. Bruce Arians was asked Monday about the rookie defensive end’s request.

“Yeah, we’ll have our hands full, but it’s one of those games that [be] careful what you wish for,” Arians said on his Zoom call.

Keep in mind, Brady is 30-11 during his playoff career, including an 8-4 record on the road. You want some more bad news for Young and the Football Team? Tom has a 9-1 record, 25 TD passes, 1 INT against teams coached by Jack Del Rio. The only loss came in 2013 on the road in Denver against Peyton Manning.

But there is hope for Young and his 7-9 team. Alex Smith is 2-1 against Brady in his career. Smith has 8 TDs and zero interceptions in those games.

“Proud of all the guys taking care of business today, but we all know the real season starts now,” Brady said on an Instagram video posted Sunday.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. The Buccs are 10-1 this year vs teams with a losing record(Washington is 7-9) and 1-4 vs opponents with a winning record. I think Washington has a punchers chance because of their front 4, but if they can’t get to Brady and allow him to sit back and choose what read looks best, the Buccs should be ok. I think the game will be closer than people realize.

    • If he’s “just another” anything, it’s at least Robert Mathis, possibly Reggie White. The kid was excited after a big win that puts them into his first playoff game. Sure beats diva corners/WR’s talking trash after making one play while also losing on the scoreboard. Let the kids have some fun

      • Chase Young is the real deal. All of his teammates and coaches rave about his work ethic, ability and energy. He should be a staple for a long time on the Skins defense and team. Is talking shit to a legend a good idea, no but I like the moxie.

    • I am a huge Tom Brady fan but I don’t think CY was being disrespectful at all. He was just excited to be in the playoffs and knows TB is his next opponent. I hope Arians is right though and Brady lights them up!

  2. Washington’s D is not a good matchup for TB. They get after the QB, and that’s been the direct cause of TB’s problems when they lose.

    Brady was only sacked 21 times this year, and 11 were in the 5 losses. He only threw 12 picks, and 9 were in those 5 losses. He doesn’t handle pressure well, and Washington was 5th in the NFL in sacks. They have some scary athletes on that d line that are going to be a matchup problem.

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