Browns Stadium Mask Force Was Out, Troy Aikman’s Sensual Analysis & Butt’s Ready For Some Action,

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Observations from Bengals-Browns

• Joe Burrow is going to be a fantasy machine if he keeps up this pace (see below).

• There were fans in the stands yet NFL Network refused to show them. Not sure what that’s all about unless there’s some sort of fear fans won’t be wearing masks during the shot and that’ll cause blue checkmarks to fire up Twitter and go on the warpath.

• My Bengals used to be so boring with Andy Dalton. He would’ve lost last night’s game 35-13 and I would’ve turned it off in the 3rd quarter to get some sleep. Now, with Burrow, it feels like the Bengals — with a terrible offensive line — are on the cusp of being in every ball game for the next 15 years.

• I pray the offensive line doesn’t cost Burrow a knee injury or broken ribs.

• I’m old enough to barely remember Ernest Byner and Kevin Mack both rushing for over 1,000 yards in a season. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt could do the same if the Browns keep running and Hunt takes enough of Chubb’s carries.

• It’s weird to say this, but after last night, it feels like we’re about to get Bengals-Browns on Sunday Night Football for years to come. Did you hear Joe Buck lusting after Joe Burrow? The networks can’t get enough of Burrow & the advertisers will want some of that action.

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  1. I’m sure to qualify as a mask enforcement Nazi you must have had prior “soulless douchebag” experience working either as a meter maid or credit card collection agent. It’s a special breed of person who’d sign up for that job. Real charmers.

  2. I thought the NFL’s refusal to show fans in the stands was weird too. The no masks thing is a good point. Although that video shows it was heavily enforced. I wonder if the crowd noise on the broadcast was pumped in for the Browns game too? It sounded loud on TV.

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