Browns LB Mack Wilson & Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Seem To Have Ended Their Beef

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A day after Patrick Mahomes’ mom, Randi, called Browns linebacker Mack Wilson “evil” for his hit on her son, the linebacker was left no choice but to have words with mama bear. Wilson immediately fired up Twitter Sunday night after the Browns heartbreaking 22-17 loss to Kansas City to say he wasn’t a dirty player, adding, “I just try my best to play fast and make plays. Don’t try to insult me & keep the threats to yourself.”

Meanwhile, over on Randi Mahomes’ account, she was not happy with how Mack played the game. “#51 evil NEVER WINS!!! Love my Chiefs,” she wrote in the heat of the battle as her $500 million son was helped off the field.

Fast forward to Monday night and Mack Wilson still attempting to clear his name.

“No disrespect mom I’m just playing hard,” Wilson wrote to Randi. “This is a dangerous game we play and we take a risk every time we step foot on the field. I’m happy that Pat is okay but mind you.. I’ve never been a dirty player. I just want to win and be great like your son.”

It appears Randi and Mack have buried the hatchet. All it took was Mack’s sincere apology, and mama bear seemed to be all better.

“Thanks!! I know every player was out there playing their best.. this momma bear was just having a hard time watching it…. it hurt me as a parent is all.. appreciate your kinda words.. #blessed,” Randi replied.

There you have it. These two can now move on. Mack might be moving on to another team while Randi moves on to her third straight AFC Championship Game.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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