Brooks Koepka Has Face Of Wife-To-Be Jena Sims All Over His Clothes

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Brooks Koepka isn’t married yet, but that’s not stopping his soon-to-be wife, Jena Sims, from keeping a close watch at all times. You could even say Sims never leaves Koepka’s side, thanks to the threads Koepka was sporting ahead of wedding weekend.

Bride and Groom are in Turks and Caicos for their Saturday nuptials and Koepka was photographed rocking a matching shorts/shirt combo that not only featured his likeness, but also the face of his fiancee, Sims.

That’s the look of a man who is one of three things: madly in love, scared of his soon-to-be wife, or really drunk.

Hell, maybe all three?

Koepka, one of the worlds best golfers, and Sims, an actress, began dating in 2017. The couple, along with their friends and families, took a “PJ” (that’s the fancy new term for “private jet”, as rich kids on the podcasts I listen to tell me) to Turks and Caicos on Wednesday to enjoy some sun, booze, and boobs before saying “I do.”

Based on Jena’s Instagram, the nearly newlyweds and their guests aren’t waiting for the reception to let loose.

While partaking in the pre-wedding fun, one of Sims’ friends got in on the Brooks-Jena clothing fun, making sure the future Koepka’s kept their eyes on her backside at all times.

Lest you think the eyes-on-you threads occupied only Brooks’ closest, I have news for you – Jena’s not going anywhere without Brooks watching.

The honeymoon’s up next. And like the Koepka’s clothing, we’ll be watching.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Koepka has turned into a douche. Is it it because of his attention seeking soon to be wife? Perhaps. I think we are watching a talented golfer lose his edge, much like McIroy. These guys have so much money they lose that tenacious competitiveness. Tiger, Jack, Arnie never did. That’s why these dudes will never come close to them.

    • I think I agree with Dun here. A lot of these guys make F U money in the first 5 years or so of being on tour. Then they make just as much money on social media. Look at Fowler. He hasn’t been relevant in years but is still all over the commercials. Being good at your sport, unfortunately, is now only part of being successful. The never ending will to win is something that was always rare, but now is becoming extinct.

      • To that point, I think college ball/NIL is where you will see the biggest drop off of athletes caring about the game.

        I think there’s some truth to the Brooksie statement tho. However, I look at Fowler as more of a flash in the pan who was marketable because he wasn’t the standard boring golfer. Fowler won a Player’s and not sure he’s won anything bigger than that.

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