Brooks Koepka Absolutely Hates Bryson DeChambeau, And Social Media’s Reaction Is Amazing

Brooks Koepka isn’t a fan of fellow PGA golfer Bryson DeChambeau. Perhaps because of DeChambeau’s slow play back in 2019 or because of his comments about Koepka’s body during a live Twitch stream in early 2020, the feud has been growing for some time now.

Following the PGA Championship on Sunday, we saw yet another episode in the saga.

When I say Koepka isn’t a fan of DeChambeau, I actually think he may hate the man. Just his presence annoys Koepka, which was made evident during a post-tournament interview over the weekend. The source of the clip, which comes from Media Silo, has since been deleted.

But don’t worry, OutKick founder Clay Travis has got us covered. Check this out:

Folks, this is absolutely incredible. Golf needs this feud.

Tiger Woods is still trying to make a recovery from that unfortunate car accident. Sure, Phil Mickelson had an amazing weekend, becoming the oldest player to ever win a major in his 50s, but he’s also 50 years old.

Like I said, the sport of golf needs this sort of feud. This is fun.

I am so here for this. Will we get a counter from DeChambeau? Probably not. But if that’s the case, we’ll just keep letting Koepka handle the incredible content side while DeChambeau gets a few more pumps in on his bicep curls.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. I guess I a old-fashioned, but I don’t get the entire “Sport(x) needs feuds” crap. Especially off-the-court/course nonsense. Just enjoy the sport, or not. So-called feuds are childish and frankly, boring. Unless you are a 7th grader who gets all excited at someone using bad words.

    But this author also appears to be Eldrick-obsessed, so I guess anything to take away the pain of not being able to slobber over his play will have to suffice. A shame. Golf had a pretty good weekend, and yet some people cannot get past a man who has largely self-destructed and who has won one major in 13 years.

  2. I don’t seem to recall Nicklaus ever rolling his eyes at the presence of one his rivals. I don’t have a negative opinion of Koepka or DeChambeau. But Brooks, showing the world that DeChambeau is living rent free inside your head, kind of makes you look a little childish. Take care of business on the course and you won’t have to fret about who walks by during an interview.

  3. I find Koepka to be a thoroughly loathesome douchebag. Not saying DeChambeau is the model golfer, as I think the two are more similar than they’d like to admit. But Koepka holds himself out like he’s the Brian McCann of golf. I remember that tantrum he threw last year, talking shit before the final round of the PGA then imploding. Followed with “Oh my knee” in response to any and all criticism. He seems to think that being physically bigger than the average golfer, which isn’t all that hard to be, makes you a tough guy. He’s not. He acts like Spaulding out there anytime anything goes wrong, especially if someone dares to not treat him like a prince.

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