Brooke Baldwin Blasts CNN on Her Way Out

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With less than a week left on the network, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin chose to blast her bosses on the way out of the door.

“The most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men,” Baldwin said on the Ms. Magazine podcast. “My bosses, my executives, are men. The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man.

“I was surrounded by a lot of dudes,” Baldwin concludes.

Embedded there are quite the accusations. Without spelling it out, Baldwin is accusing her soon-to-be former employer of not paying and promoting women well. Her interview is currently trending high on Twitter and has been picked up by nearly every website. Translation: it made CNN’s morning meetings (which, hopefully, have not been recorded this time).

Now, I’ve long said that the country as a whole needs to move away from this idea that each company must meet undefined gender and racial quotas to avoid hit pieces from CNN, The New York Times, and now 60 Minutes. Networks in particular should serve their viewers by putting the best candidates in each spot. That said, I’ve also long called out hypocrisy, and as so often happens, CNN is guilty of that here.

CNN is at the forefront of calling, well, everyone sexist and racist. The network looks for opportunities to do so almost daily. If a report found that Fox News or a right-leaning network didn’t have as many female anchors as its competitors, would the topic make CNN’s website? Of course it would. It’d make CNN primetime lineup.

Maybe even on this guy’s show:

So if CNN believes Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon are its three best personalities — I’m not sure how it could. I mean, have they watched Don Lemon? — they should be the three in primetime. I have no issue with that, however, CNN certainly would if it happened elsewhere. Alisyn Camerota would probably lead the charge.

It’s tough to argue with Tammy Bruce’s response:

Jesse Kelly reacted slightly differently, even dropping some relationship advice:

By the way, since Brooke Baldwin is trending and in the headlines, I’ll make it easy for the folks out there. Here’s the clip you’re looking for:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Wish folks would stop fighting always on the left’s turf.
    Reject the idea of quotas, don’t just point out where things are whiter or more male or whatever.
    Expose their racism in claiming IDs rules are racist, don’t just cite other places that must be “racist” for requiring IDs.
    Always letting the bad guys dictate the terms.
    Focusing on hypocrisy doesn’t give them pause for a second. They’re happily hypocritical as long as it advances their ends.

  2. I am absolutely certain men, women, folks of color, whatever belief system you choose, are all equal. Stupidity and incompetence are equal opportunity employers. I have no doubt women are just as capable as men when it come to screwing things up. CNN as an organization has concluded Dummie Lemon, Cuomo Swab, and the rich kid are the best they got. CNN makes my point better than I. America Matters.

  3. I’m not sure WHOSE national notoriety benefitted the most from “The Boobs Interview” – Clay’s or Brooke’s. … I really was not that aware of Clay /Outkick until then … and was totally unaware of “Boobs” Baldwin.

  4. So much #believeallwomen and championing for Women’s Rights, right CNN?! I guess they figured they filled their quota of women, people of color and LGBTQ with Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper

  5. She is no victim. She had a job that paid her cash and perks that 99.99% of the population will never have. Shut the fuck up and be grateful. also, the basis of her beef is bullshit. rather than debating her grievance call it what it is — ignorant and bigoted. change the focus from equity to merit.

  6. Liberals hide behind their liberalism to be racist and sexist 100%. At least with ESPN they are true believers it appears at least in broadcast roles. They put unlistenable women than sound like men to do play by play.

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