Aaron Rodgers Might Just Retire

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Return to Packers? Demand a trade elsewhere? Or just retire? It appears everything is under consideration for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

And yes, it’s true — Rodgers really could call it a career. Or so they say.

Multiple reports, including one from NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, suggest that Rodgers could indeed walk away from the game, presumably turning his attention toward a career in television.

That said, the Packers seemingly aren’t entirely out of it. He could return if they “fix things to his liking,” Rapoport added.

Now, if Rodgers decides to keep playing, and decides the Packers aren’t an option, he supposedly has a wish list that consists of three teams — the 49ers, Broncos and Raiders, as Sporting News relayed.

Along with that, Rodgers supposedly wanted the Packers to take the 49ers’ trade offer, reportedly the No. 3 overall pick and more in exchange for the reigning MVP.

The Broncos traded for Teddy Bridgewater earlier in the week and are rumored to still be in the QB market during the draft. Basically, chief of football operations John Elway and general manager George Paton are expected to exhaust all avenues to upgrade at quarterback this offseason, per SN.

We’ll have to look to Denver’s next few draft picks to see what the team is up to — in the first round, the Broncos passed on Justin Fields with the No. 9 overall pick and grabbed former Alabama cornerback Pat Surtain II.

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Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Rodgers has fallen into the same trap as Favre – ego got so big they think they are bigger than the team and franchise. Send Rogers to the Raiders for Carr, Max Crosby and 3 number 1 picks.

    • So did Montana have such a big ego that he thought he was bigger than the team and franchise because he wanted to start ahead of Young?

      HOF QBs always think they’re really good because they are really good. They always want to play.

      You obviously don’t remember the days of Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, David Whitehurst, Randy Wright and Anthony Dilweg. I do. I’ll take a big ego of Favre and Rodgers and winning over the “team players” of Hunter, Tagge, Whitehurst, Wright, and Dilweg and losing so much that by October 1 I was already looking to see who the Packers were going to take in next year’s draft.

    • True dat, CG15…but Rodgers has $11.5MIL for the next 2 years left on his pro-rated signing bonus (pro-rated for cap space reasons) that he’ll have to re-pay if he doesn’t finish out the contract thru 2022.

    • The player gets a check for the full amount up front, but it counts against the salary cap differently. Say you sign a 5 year contract with a $10M signing bonus. On signing you get a check for $10M. But in terms of counting against the cap you spread the $10M over 5 years, meaning that counts as $2M per year for 5 years against the cap. So if your base salary is $5M per year, then you count as a total of $7M per year against the cap. Sort of how businesses amortize the cost equipment over its lifespan, even though they pay for it all upfront.

  2. 9 defensive draft picks in a row? Except for Jordan Love last year, which they traded up for? You’d be pissed too! Rodgers needed offensive help now as does Davonte Adams! And f*ck off with your Favre comments! Who’s the only QB in history to win 3 consecutive MVP awards (95-97)?

  3. Packers have lost their way and their fans have become steeler fans now. entitled.

    Rogers can’t win in Green Bay. And he has all the cards. All he has to do is say he is retired and then wait and show up at camp. thats what Favre did.

    Rogers likes attention even though he pretends he doesn’t. in a league with QB’s playing 20 years Rogers knows he can wait for a release and keep threatening to come back. Favre made $75 million in his last 3 years playing this fake game.

    sorry packers fan.

    • Painting Packers fans with the broad brush of being “entitled” is a mistake. Many of us remember the 70’s and 80’s – years of losing football. It’s been great to have Favre and Rodgers despite their ego issues. Hoping Love can continue the success, nobody will know of a few years, anyone who says they know please give me a call and let me know which crypto currency to invest in.

  4. I’m a big-time Packer fan, recently less so due to woke bullshit and the incessant tinkering with the game. That being said, Rodgers can do as he pleases, and so can management. I remember the dark ages of the ’70s and ’80s, and watching shit football is no fun. The Packers will become the Bears overnight if he leaves. Lots of entitled fans will be shocked to see what that looks like. Regardless, I still have to get up, go to work, pay the bills. It’s just a game.

  5. If Rodgers no longer has the desire to compete, then so be it…that is his call…I just don’t like him trying to roll the front office and HC under the bus in the process…no class all ego.

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