Broncos Coach Dons a Face Shield To Avoid Another $100k Fine

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The NFL mask police hit Broncos head coach Vic Fangio after Week 2 with a $100,000 fine for not wearing a mask. Not wanting to get another letter from Roger’s mask patrol, Vic went the Andy Reid face shield route Week 3 at home against Tampa Bay.

Vic addressed his mask fine and said it wasn’t that he was trying to stick it to Roger and his mask henchmen, he was just having trouble with his neck gaiter and his glasses fogging.

“What happens during the game is, I am calling the defenses to communicate that, so it can be sent in to the players. When the officials come over and talk to me, I pull it down and so do they. When I have my mask up after eight to 10 seconds, it starts to fog up my glasses,” Fangio said.

The mask police also got Jon Gruden in Week 2, but he figured out a way in Week 3 to turn his gaiter into a thong to keep his nose and mouth covered. It’ll be interesting to see if other coaches go the thong route. Vic’s gone in a different direction.

This week after the $100k fine:

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Week 2 in Pittsburgh:

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  1. NFL is so stoooopid. If players don’t need to wear the mask on the sidelines why does the coach have to? It’s all for show. I love football but I am really starting to despise the NFL as an organization. On top of that it’s a non profit. What a joke.

  2. We need a NFL coach to wear a full on NASA astronaut helmet just to give Goodell a big middle digit! Mask insanity took over this country WAY too fast. 😷 Idiocracy!

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