British Swimming Changes Policies After 65-Year-Old Trans Woman In Locker Room Made Teen Girls, Parents Uncomfortable

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British Swimming has changed its policies on locker room access after girls and parents felt uncomfortable when a trans woman used a women’s locker room as a cut-through during a competition for teens in Sheffield, England.

Last week, according to the Daily Mail, athletes and parents voiced their concerns after 65-year-old Anna Coombes — a biological male — walked through the women’s changing room during a competition.

This understandably upset parents and athletes alike. One parent spoke to The Telegraph about the incident.

“My daughter was in the changing rooms when this person walked through. And then came back again to use the toilets,” the anonymous parent said. “‘She came and told me. How intimidating must it be to be a girl, changing in a women’s space, when this happens? And these girls feel that they can’t complain in case they get labelled as transphobic.”

Fortunately, they didn’t let fear of the woke mob stop them from speaking out and it led British Swimming to make changes.

British Swimming Listened To Concerns About Locker Room Access

British Swimming implemented a ban on officials and volunteers accessing the locker rooms. Additionally, they added heightened security around changing rooms as well as accreditation checks. An email was also sent out reminding people not to use locker rooms as a cut-through.

This isn’t the first time Coombes has been in the news in recent weeks. The week before the incident at the swimming competition, Coombes ripped a Sheffield hotel spa on Twitter after being given a key to the unisex changing room.

What’s the problem with that? Well, Coombes was mad that the employee assumed that was the key they wanted instead of giving them a key to the women’s room. Coombes claimed to have then returned to the desk to demand that the employee in question be sent to gender sensitivity training.

This led to swimming great Sharron Davies issuing a response.

“You’re male, use the changing room with other males or at the very least the unisex changing room!” Davis Wrote on Twitter (or X, whatever). “Deciding you wanting to change where you want to change does NOT trump women & girls rights.

“Ps I don’t know a single female that would subject that level of discomfort on others.”

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