Bride Leads Bridesmaids Through Booty Workout Before Wedding, Gets Crushed In The Comments

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Utah bride Katie Olson Hart made a big mistake the minute she posted a TikTok video of her leading her bridesmaids through a pre-wedding workout.

The results are in and users of the Chinese social media spyware (according to both political parties) absolutely hate the idea of a bridezilla putting her bridesmaids through a booty-sculpting workout before they walk the aisle to stand with their friend.

“An Almond mom wedding,” one hater wrote about the video that popped up on March 7 and has since gone crazy to the tune of 4.4 million views (again, according to the Chinese spyware — allegedly — app).

Utah TikTok bride Kennedy Olson Hart leads her bridesmaids through a brutal workout before her wedding. / TikTok

Hart, 21, got married in July 2022, but just go around to posting the only video to go viral from her wedding. “I highly recommend!!” Hart wrote on her post, referencing the workout forced upon her bridesmaids.

Poor Kennedy. The comment section isn’t good.

“As a bridesmaid, I’ll be cheering you on in the corner with my mimosa,” another hater typed. “Would quit the bridal party immediately.”

And another.

“No like are you okay girl.”

It wasn’t over just yet.

“Tell me you don’t drink alcohol without telling me you don’t drink alcohol.”

Let’s keep going:

  1. “This is my HELL”
  2. “Absolutely not we are drinking at 7 am
  3. “NOPE”
  4. “Yeah don’t put me down for cardio”
  5. “I’d be there, but I’d be drunk”
  6. “As a Bridesmaid, my job is to support you, so I’ll support you from the sidelines.”
  7. “I won’t be answering my phone as I sleep in.”

You get the idea. TikTok Bridesmaids aren’t having it.

Now for the bad news for the bridesmaids out there who can’t believe what they’re seeing out of Kennedy — the wedding sites are now starting to talk about making this part of the wedding weekend. published a story in July 2022 on “The Ultimate Wedding Workout Plan” and how brides should do a 10-minute run or dance session “to release some of that energy.”

“All the hard work has been done, so this little session should be the self-care you need for your wedding morning,” a health and wellness expert says.

There are also bridal party boot camps out there where brides can force their friends to get their asses into shape so they don’t come off as sloppy in the wedding photos.

Good luck ladies. And remember to record all those special moments, especially the workout blowups when a member of the bridal party is pissed off over forced labor camp-like conditions.

That’s great content.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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