Brian Windhorst Passionately Credits Desk Chair, Chosen By Stephen A. Smith, For Infamous Conspiracy Meme

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Brian Windhorst has a thing for chairs, at least the chairs that Stephen A. Smith picks out for the set of ‘First Take.’

GQ Sports recently published a lengthy piece about Windhorst’s very well-known ‘What’s going on in Utah?’ meme from last year. You know it as the clip where Windhorst raises two fingers in the air and dramatically leans back in his chair before talking about conspiracy theories around the NBA for two-plus minutes.

Brian Windhorst credits the chair he was sitting in for his incredible meme.

It’s truly one of the greatest performances we’ve ever seen on sports television, and according to Windhorst, the chair he was sitting in deserves a lot of credit for allowing that moment to happen.

“The chairs on ‘First Take’ are very, very good. In that particular moment, I leaned back because that chair is a great chair. You would never normally lean back, and so when I leaned back as part of the storytelling, I made gestures that I normally wouldn’t,” Windhorst told GQ.

“That just happened in the moment, but those are the best chairs. Stephen A. has rigorous chair requirements, and he is rewarded with spectacular, spectacular chairs on that desk.”

“To that whole finger thing—it wasn’t the finger, it was the chair. Nobody respects the chair.”

Who knew an NBA insider talking about the quality of the chair he sits in could be so interesting? This breakdown from Windhorst of the moment that made him a living legend on social media is incredibly bizarre but in the best way possible.

We were able to learn quite a bit from Windhorst’s affectionate breakdown of said chair. Not only do we now know that Stephen A. Smith has “rigorous chair requirements,” but there are apparently chairs that allow you to do certain things with your upper body, like point fingers and shrug your shoulders while other chairs simply don’t allow that sort of movement.

Windhorst the chair guy. Who knew?

Written by Mark Harris

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