Camera Shows CNN’s Brian Stelter Recording TV Segment in His Underwear

One could spend a column just breaking down Brian Stelter’s weekly dishonest spin-jobs on his show, Reliable Sources. Of course, most media writers are not allowed to do that to CNN, and others, like me, are onto bigger stories.

On Sunday, however, Stelter pulled back the curtain to show viewers what it looks like when he does TV hits from home …. in his underwear.

Yes, you read that correctly — thus, turn away now, if needed:

You often see Twitter users jokingly ask if an at-home host is wearing jeans with a suit or any pants at all; I can assure you that those questions will no longer be asked or even wondered.

Need a better look at his socks? Fine, I am here to help:

Life is about learning. Now you know — when Stelter is on TV, turn the channel. You just never know when the cameraman will catch the wrong angle.

UPDATE: Stelter says they are shorts, not underwear. Who is to say?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. No…showing tv anchors in their underwear isn’t going to humanize the news. The news needs to quit being dehumanizing first before they can even sniff trying to be humanizing.

  2. There was a movie called “Broadcast News” where this came to light. William Hurt based his character on Tom Brokaw, who was the main anchor for NBC at the time. There he was at the desk in his boxers, blazer, dress shirt, and tie. (Didn’t see his shoes…)

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