Brian Kelly Implies He Never Said LSU Would ‘Beat The Heck Out Of Florida State,’ Listen To Him Say Those Exact Words: AUDIO

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LSU football coach Brian Kelly is trying to claim comments about beating Florida State either didn’t happen or were taken out of context.

The Seminoles punched the Tigers in the mouth Sunday night to earn a huge week one victory. FSU didn’t just look like a better team.

Mike Norvell’s squad looked like adults playing kids by the the time the second half rolled around. It was a 45-24 butt kicking.

Florida State was probably motivated to a degree by Kelly vowing to win the game earlier in the week when he said on a radio show the Tigers would “beat the heck out of Florida State.”

Brian Kelly attempts to walk back comments about LSU. (Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Brian Kelly addresses comments about Florida State.

Now, he’s attempting to switch up the narrative by claiming the comment – if it did happen – was out of context, but saying such a thing is simply not in his “nature.”

“I have no idea. I mean, look, I think you all know me. I’m pretty careful with what I say and how I say it. Never have I been cavalier or disrespectful to any opponent in my 33 years. So if somebody wants to prop up a comment like that and inflate into something that it is not, that’s what social media is about today. But I have nothing but the utmost respect for Coach [Mike] Norvell. I know who the opponent was. It’s just not in my background or nature to make those kinds of comments,” Kelly said, according to

There’s just one major problem for Brian Kelly. Audio of the comment exists, and not only does it exist, it’s hard to argue he was taken out of context.

He clearly stated LSU was going to “beat the heck out of Florida State.” Listen for yourself below.

Kelly is about to learn the internet is forever.

These follow-up comments from Kelly are so unbelievably strange. Does he not know the audio is easily accessible for anyone who wants it?

It’s all over the internet, and as of Wednesday morning, he’s being shared to debunk his latest comments that he was taken out of context or didn’t say it at all.

He did say it, and the audio isn’t going to be deleted from the internet. Why is the LSU football coach attempting to deny it?

Of course, this is kind of a pattern when it comes to Brian Kelly. The man straight up denied faking a southern accent……when video exists of him doing exactly that.

Telling the truth is always the easiest option, Brian. Nobody believes the LSU coach was taken out of context and absolutely nobody believes he didn’t say it. Unfortunately for him, his denial has only drawn more attention to the situation. Tough look for Brian Kelly and LSU. Very tough look. First, they get destroyed on the field and then Brian Kelly just digs the hole even deeper.

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