Brian Kelly Continues To Deny Fake Southern Accent At LSU With Yet Another Silly Excuse

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Brian Kelly had a fake southern accent during his first public address at LSU in December of 2021. Period.

There is simply no way to deny the phony southern twang, even though the 61-year-old head coach has done so time and time again, like he did this week. Kelly doubled, if not tripled or quadrupled down on the fact that he was not faking a southern accent on a recent appearance on ‘Bussin’ with the Boys.’

Before we break this down — let me break the third wall for a second.

I am from Connecticut. Ispent 18 years in the Nutmeg State, and then went to college at Ole Miss and never left the South.

I’ve been living below the Mason-Dixon Line for eight years now and I do not have a southern accent. Although I can put a pretty good one on, and took on some of the southern vernacular, I do not have an accent in any way, shape or form. I did not just “pick one up” overnight. I don’t just talk in a southern accent sometimes.

With that in mind — let’s go back to Brian Kelly.

Kelly was hired by LSU after a long tenure at Notre Dame. He is from Massachussetts. Neither Indiana nor New England speak with a twang.

Kelly did not speak with a twang in South Bend. He did in Baton Rouge.

After debuting his new accent, Kelly was roasted. Even by his own daughter.

Rightfully so. Who does that?

When first asked about the accent, Kelly pushed back with an objectively inaccurate statement about the accent of Bostonians compared to Southerners. Their accents are not even close to one another, but he tried to say that they are.

And then, a few months later, the fake southern accent was nonexistent.

Kelly has not spoken about the code-switch since. Until now.

Taylor Lewan and Will Compton put him on the spot and asked him whether he put on the accent to help ease the transition from Notre Dame to LSU. Kelly denied. Again.

No. Who would do that? That’s the stupidest thing to try and do. Listen, when you have a Boston accent, then you’re in the Midwest, and you go down South, you’re going to be all messed up.

— Brian Kelly, via Bussin’ with the Boys


Hi — me again.

Remember when I said that I’m from Connecticut and went to school at Ole Miss? That is equally as staggering of a transition as Boston to the Midwest to the South, like Kelly cited in his explanation.

I never once, during my first week in Mississippi, was “all messed up.” I never once slipped into a southern accent, unless it was part of a bit, even though my entire dorm floor was from Jackson.

Brian Kelly had a fake southern accent during his first public address at LSU in December of 2021. Period.

Written by Grayson Weir

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