Brian Daboll Celebrates Like Ted Lasso After Giants Beat Titans

Giants head coach Brian Daboll is quickly becoming a football titan in New York.

Fans in East Rutherford were ready to build him a shrine outside of MetLife Stadium after coming from behind for an epic win, 21-20, over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Giants players were also crazy for Daboll, especially after two miserable seasons with former coach Joe Judge sucking the life out of any room he’d enter with his drill sergeant-like demeanor.

Celebrating the win in the locker room, Daboll went full Ted Lasso after the miraculous win: busting down dance moves with a gang of pumped-up players hyping him up.


What set Daboll apart from other coaches, notably rookie HCs, that won in Week 1 was the gutsy call to go for the win in the Giants’ final possession.

Face a 19-20 deficit after Daniel Jones hit fullback Chris Myarick for the score, Daboll had to pick between tying the game with the extra point or the go-ahead two-point conversion. Giants running back Saquon Barkley, who scored the two-point conversion, and longtime Giants wideout Sterling Shepard were seen embracing their new leader on the sideline.

Daboll went for all the marbles and got to bask in the splendors of winning his first game as HC — also thanks to a missed field goal by Tennessee’s Randy Bullock.

Things are looking groovy for Big Blue.

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