Clemson Basketball Player Whose ‘Balls Exploded’ Cashes-In On Hilarious Post-Surgery Rant With Nut-Themed NIL Merch

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Clemson basketball player Brevin Galloway will not be on the court for a little while. The sixth-year senior guard had a medical issue earlier this week and needs some time to heal up with rest, but wasted no time capitalizing off of his unique condition through Name, Image and Likeness.

Galloway, who played his first four years at College of Charleston and last season at Boston College, transferred south during the offseason. He is averaging 10.6 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.6 points per game while averaging 30 minutes as the team’s primary ball-handler.

Unfortunately, earlier this week, his basketballs exploded out of nowhere. Just not the ones on the court.

In a video posted to his Instagram from his hospital bed after emergency surgery, Galloway hilariously broke down what happened in fairly graphic detail. He did not leave anything to the imagination.

Fortunately, Galloway was in good spirits— perhaps because of the anesthetics. Either way, he is looking forward to being “spoiled for the next 48 hours” before making his way back onto the court.

In the meantime, Brevin Galloway is using NIL to capitalize on his viral fame.

He and his team, Raymond Representation, quickly released merchandise based around his post-surgery breakdown. Over at, the Clemson hooper is selling two t-shirts and two hoodies.

They both, of course, lean into the testicular injury— which was officially listed as ‘abdominal injury’ by the team. The first calls Galloway ‘BALLSY’.

The second refers to Galloway as the ‘NUTTY PROFESSOR.”

Get it? BALL-sy? NUT-ty?

The nearly overnight execution in getting the merchandise designed and listed for sale was incredibly well done. The turnaround time was extremely fast.

Whether Galloway would have wanted the video to be posted after taking some more time to think or not, it was the talk of college basketball for a solid 24 hours. And now Clemson, and hoops fans can support the injured guard while also getting in on some super niche, limited merch.

Imagine wearing one of those shirts in public and having someone ask you what it means? Pretty hilarious.

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