Internet Sleuths Were Right, Brett Favre’s Daughter Is A Competitor On New Reality Show ‘Claim To Fame’

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The sole objective for contestants on ABC’s new reality show ‘Claim to Fame’ is to keep their identity a secret. The show premiered just last week, and viewers were quickly convinced they knew who one of the contestants was, none other than Brett Favre’s daughter.

Each of the 12 contestants in the show is related to someone famous. The contestants offer up various hints and clues about themselves as it relates to their famous relative, with some being true and others being lies.

A contestant by the name of Brittany shared three facts about herself during the premiere.

“My name is Brittany. My celebrity relative is my dad, and he is most known for being an athlete, and the biggest award he’s ever won was an Emmy Award,” Brittany explained, according to USA Today.

Viewers at home heard a ‘lie’ buzzer go off after Brittany mentioned the Emmy Award, but her fellow contestants weren’t tipped off that it was a lie.

Saying your dad is “known for being an athlete” doesn’t exactly narrow things down to Brittany being Favre’s daughter. However, shortly after her introduction, she noted that her dad “is a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback.”

Again, plenty Hall of Fame, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks have daughters, but her name being Brittany certainly narrowed things down.

Internet Detectives Knew Brittany Was Favre’s Daughter

Brett and Deanna Favre have two daughters and one is named Brittany. She graduated from Loyola Unversity College of Law while the other daughter played volleyball at Brett’s alma mater, Southern Miss. Both daughters’ Instagram accounts are private, so no digging can be done in that arena.

Cami Rapson, a news anchor in Green Bay, was sold that Brittany is Favre’s daughter.

On top of the clues Brittany shared herself, the house the contestants are staying in has random objects spread throughout to help them, and viewers, guess who they are. There is a slab of cheese in the house, which is the universal symbol for the Green Bay Packers.

It turns out the Internet detectives and Green Bay fans tuning into the show were right.

Brittany revealed that she is the daughter of Brett Favre during Monday’s episode. Thankfully for her, her fellow competitors don’t exactly know who Favre is.

One contestant was caught talking about Brittany and her connection to the Packers saying Now do I know who No. 4  is on the Green Bay Packers? Of course not.

Another contestant wondered aloud if she was Aaron Rodgers’ daughter.

Favre’s daughter survived to compete another week.

Written by Mark Harris

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