Brett Favre’s Daughter Calls Him Cheap, Shares Great Story About His Old Chevy

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Brett Favre may be a Pro Football Hall of Famer who made over $137 million playing in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he’s a big spender. In fact, he’s really cheap, according to his daughter.

Brittany Favre is competing on ABC’s new reality show ‘Claim to Fame’ where each contestant in the show is related to someone famous. The objective of the show is to keep your identity secret.

While viewers and internet sleuths have figured out that Brittany is Favre’s daughter, she’s still competing on the show because her fellow competitors aren’t exactly huge NFL fans.

During this week’s episode, Brittany was talking to her closest ally, Logan, offering up hints about who her famous relative may be. This is when Brittany called her father “really cheap” before telling an embarrassing, but also awesome story about Favre’s old Chevy.

“My relative, regardless of like paycheck, is really cheap. He grew up with absolutely nothing,” Brittany told Logan.

“So he had this old Chevy that he loved and the muffler fell off. He just chained it to the bumper. So my dad’s taking me to school, and so every time we hit a speed bump, there was this loud, horrible scraping sound and sparks flying in all directions. So by the time I get to the front of the line, they’re like, ‘Your dad can’t afford to fix his truck?'”

A muffler being held up by a chain attached to the bumper simply adds character to a truck, everyone knows this. There’s probably a good chance that Favre still owns that Chevy, honestly.

Favre grew up in the small town of Kiln, Mississippi where his parents were schoolteachers. He had a rather humble upbringing when it came to expenses before lighting it up at Southern Miss and those roots have stuck with him to today.

Written by Mark Harris

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