Bret Baier To Kick Off ‘Fox News Sunday’ Rotation After Chris Wallace’s Departure

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Bret Baier will host FOX News Sunday this weekend, a media source tells OutKick. Baier will be the first anchor to guest host the program following Chris Wallace’s departure, which he announced on Sunday as he signed a contract with CNN+.

After Baier, Fox News plans to rotate the following anchors among others: Bill Hemmer, Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino, John Roberts, Shannon Bream, Jennifer Griffin, Neil Cavuto, and Martha MacCallum.

As I wrote Monday, the addition of Wallace to CNN is more symbolic than a ratings booster. Wallace won’t push viewers to CNN+, but he gives the service a marketing tool. Thus, overall, Wallace made sense for CNN. Meanwhile, FOX News Sunday will be fine without Wallace.

In fact, several hosts in this rotation would give the program a boost. Wallace’s departure was ultimately a win for Wallace, CNN, Fox News, and — most of all — his eventual successor.

Because Wallace only anchored once a week, he had less synergy with the Fox News brand than other hosts — like Baier, Faulkner, Hemmer, and MacCallum. Notably, Baier has become the face of Fox News’ news division.

Dana Perino is also an intriguing name. Perino, a fan-favorite among viewers, filled in for Wallace in August and did well. Perino currently hosts The Five and America’s Newsroom and appears on the network’s election coverage.

Fox News will name a permanent host at a later time.

FOX News Sunday airs Sunday mornings on Fox broadcast network and re-airs on Fox News at 2 pm ET.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. It’s a freakin’ One hour show Once a week …. any of those familiar Fox names will do a better job than Wallace from Day One.

    I don’t watch TV news any longer; but, I’d vote for either Perino or MacCallum … Hubba Hubba!

  2. CNN is pulling in Wallace hoping he will lend them some modicum of credibility with the non-Woke USA (80% + of America). It’s a minor start but not nearly enough. It’s another piece of the puzzle though – CNN’s new owners are are definitely setting up to try to regain some of the credibility Zucker sacrificed on his anti-Trump Woke Crusade. VERY uphill battle for that.

    Brett Bair is a pretty moderate, reasonable voice he will keep most or all of Wallace’s audience and bring in more.

    Would love to see Candace Owens’ gorgeous face and brain getting a show too.

  3. Hey Bobby Burack,I have a suggestion. When writing about Fox News it would be helpful if you reminded everyone that Fox owns Outkick. Wallace has already done his job by knifing Trump during the debate. Wallace will park himself on the podcast before being hired as a useful idiot prior to the next presidential election.All of the people you mentioned for the rotation are nice people. Nary a one is a conservative and all play the inside the beltway game to the satisfaction of the Murdochs. On the bright side,anyone of them will be better than the low life Wallace.

  4. As John Nolte wrote yesterday on Breitbart, Wallace was already working for CNN the whole time he was employed by Fox. He was and is a flaming liberal. Good riddance to Wallace, a smarmy asshole. I like Martha Macallum.

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