Brazilian Soccer Legend Adriano’s Wife Files For Divorce After 24 Days Of Marriage After He Disappeared To Watch The World Cup

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There are marriages that are meant to be and Brazilian soccer star Adriano wasn’t in one of them.

The retired center forward who spent a decade on the Brazilian national team and a member of the 2004 World Cup-winning squad — he finished as the tournament’s leading scorer — finds himself looking for love again after his new wife, Micaela Mesquita, dumped him after he disappeared to watch the 2022 World Cup.

According to Brazilian media reports, Adriano disappeared into an area of Rio de Janeiro where he then watched the Brazil-Switzerland match. He stayed in the area for two days before returning home to his new bride.


Brazilian outlet Extra claims the couple had an argument over the disappearance and Mesquita pulled the plug on her Instagram photos with her new husband that she was supposed to love through thick and thin. However, the couple seems to have a history of such breakups — five in their past — but those never came when they were married.

Let’s face it, a guy like Adriano shouldn’t even consider marriage. This 40-year-old once allegedly spent $15k (USD) on 18 prostitutes to cheer himself up over a soccer transfer deal turned into a disaster. The wildcat allegedly flew to Rio and went straight to a brothel where he then ordered up 18 women to party with him.

A year before the 18 prostitutes, Adriano was tangled up in a drug trafficking case that was thrown out over a lack of evidence.

Look, if you’re a former athlete who has a single night with 18 hookers on your resume, you should never even consider signing a marriage certificate.

Adriano and his bride of 24 days are morons for even thinking this would have any other result.

Ladies, you’re not going to change these wildcats who belong to the streets. Stop trying to make them conform to some life where they sit in the family room and watch the home country battle Switzerland. Adriano doesn’t belong to those streets.

Shame on you for even trying.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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