Brawl Breaks Out During Thailand Hockey Handshake Line And Features Player Fighting Invisible Opponent

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A wild scene unfolded during a postgame handshake line at a hockey tournament in Thailand this week. Multiple players decided they would rather throw punches than exchange pleasantries with one another as they made their way off the ice.

The wild hockey brawl had everything. There were some serious punches exchanged, as gloves, sticks, and players hit the ice. There was at least one stick used as a weapon and a player throwing haymakers at an invisible opponent.

Handshake line brawl invisible opponent
Hockey brawl includes a player fighting an invisible opponent (Image Credit: IG/triquidd)

It all went down after a U18 game between Thailand and Hong Kong at the 2023 Thailand Invitation Championship. The close game between the two teams ended with three third period goals and a 3-0 Thailand victory.

The video clips that surfaced on social media from the postgame handshake line show the absolute chaos that took place on the ice. What they don’t show is what led up to the handshake line brawl. A late empty net goal might have played a part in things going sideways after the game.

Away from the action is the player from Thailand who wanted to leave the ice without taking any kind of a loss and decided to fight an invisible opponent. He is seen dropping his gloves, ripping off his helmet, and swinging wildly on a possible ghost.

He throws everything he has at the imaginary foe. Everything includes jumps and kicks. At one point he even stands up his stick and starts throwing punches at that for good measure and a few extra laughs.

Who Wants Their Win Tarnished With A Handshake Line Brawl?

Say what you want about this kid, but he knows when it’s a good idea to not push his luck. He was happy with the win and moving on without eating any punches.

Not to mention that he looks more like a lover than a fighter.

I’m not going to say he wouldn’t have landed any of those shots, but he definitely had a better chance of winning a fight with an invisible opponent than he did trying his luck with one of the Hong Kong players.

Written by Sean Joseph

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