Brandon Tatum, Tomi Lahren Discuss Breonna Taylor Raid; Debunk BLM Narrative on No Knock Warrants

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Former police officer and The Officer Tatum Show host Brandon Tatum joined Tomi Lahren to discuss the Louisville police officers who were Federally charged in Breonna Taylor’s death.

The fact is, Breonna Taylor was involved in criminal enterprise. Brandon Tatum joined Tomi to debunk the BLM narrative on the raid and no knock warrants. 

Tomi, Brandon Tatum Discuss the Beauty of ‘No Knock Warrants’

The current and former officers charged in the raid that killed Taylor had charges brought against them that include civil rights violations, conspiracy, use of excessive force offenses and obstruction.

The big accusation here is that three of these officers lied to get the warrant that led to the search of Taylor’s apartment and then covered it up. That they included false info that Taylor was connected to the alleged drug trafficking. That Taylor was receiving mail on behalf of her drug dealing ex.

Now, the officers who carried out the no knock warrant weren’t involved in that part but are charged with using excessive force for firing 10 additional shots into Taylor’s apartment.

One of the officers faces a separate indictment after he fired his weapon when there was no longer a threat and thus demonstrated an “attempt to kill.”

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  1. They didn’t conduct a no knock warrant. Thant’s a lie. There was some false info, some, in the affidavit for the warrant, but not from any of the officers being charged. This is just grandstanding to fool stupid liberals and evidently most people in the media including whoever wrote this.

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